Our Mission

Educating kids & teenagers about how to use computers and cameras to educate themselves
and be a contribution for their families and communities.

Good Bye, Surkhet

Today is the last full day here in the Kopila Valley Children’s Home. From all the stories I had heard, from reading Maggie’s blog, and from meeting Maggie in person last year at the European Summit, I knew it would be a great place – it was even better.

Maggie DoyneOne of the things Maggie pointed out last year in one of our first conversations was, that the Kopila Valley Children’s Home is not an orphanage; it is what it says: it’s a home! And that is so true. And I say thanks to Maggie, her great staff and the kids for the time I had here.

With regards to the initiative cc4kids: we trained kids from the school (which is 200 meters away) and from the home in using Google and wikipedia (e.g. for supporting homework and studies), set up email addresses for many and created the Kopila Valley Children’s blog to practice. Nisha and Naveen are the administrators.

The first few days we went by school classes. Pretty soon that turned out not to be an ideal approach, as some in the high class already had quite some experience (own email address and some even a facebook page), while others had never been sitting in front of a computer and struggled simply with typing. So we made beginner classes and experienced classes. That worked much better and all made progress much faster. In the end we also covered topics like spam, security, how to use spell checkers, how to use and combine sources like wikipedia and their own pictures to blog posts.

I am confident that the purpose of this trip has been fulfilled: to lay a foundation that the kids themselves can build upon – and that they can use computers for more than ‘just’ email and facebook.

Several people have contributed to this trip: Stella Mukele, Valentin Schöb & Catherine Pittet, Gabriele Rittinghaus & her friends, Bill Liao, and last but not least my employer Beck et al. Services. Thank you all.

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