Our Mission

Educating kids & teenagers about how to use computers and cameras to educate themselves
and be a contribution for their families and communities.

Internet Through Drilled Wires

When I was planning for this trip, Internet access was one of the main things that needed to be in place and it all went according to plan – until big rains started which kept the phone company from putting in Internet connections, so when the rain stopped they where so far behind schedule that we did not get Internet access into the schools in Kathmandu.

Being masters in improvisation here, Renu and Mukace (pronounced ‘Moukesh’) made a deal with a local Internet cafe and we got our first four hours today…. it was an exercise in patience – not because of the kids, but because of horribly slow Internet connection. It was like in the old days when we greeted each Byte with a handshake. When you see the wires across the streets in the gallery, you could be surprised it works at all.

But nothing to complain here. The kids where fabulous and had a great time. Some already had little computer experience (with Internet at home and their own email address already) while others had not even been sitting in front of a computer before. They found out through Wikipedia that Nepal is bigger than Switzerland and they found out all about Michael Jackson (yes, very important) – and they did part of their homework during the session. which was part of the idea: to use the computers to learn and make them useful.

Another photography session where we already could spot some kids taking photography beyond the first fun and excitement rush and took some great pictures. Later in the week I will upload a selection of pictures taken by the kids.

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