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Kathmandu Schooling Adventure

Kathmandu is the first stop of the upcoming trip to Nepal. I’m going to meet Renu Bagaria who owns and runs two schools, one in Koseli and one in Shikshantar.

In both schools together 165 kids get education, something we take for take for granted. In Nepal it’s a luxury many families don’t enjoy – if there are any families and the kids are not on their own.

The school called Shikshantar with kids of age 3-11 is a pay school during the day and a free school in the evenings for those who cannot afford schooling fees.

The other school called Koseli (meaning ‘Gift’) is a full day free school with children of age 3-14. Renu and her staff take care of the fooding, education, clothing, hygiene and basic health care of the children. The children in Koseli are from families below the poverty line. They come to the school at 9 am, brush, take a bath and change into their school uniforms. The classes start from 11.15. They break for a wholesome hot meal of dal-rice-vegetables at noon and leave the school after an evening snack at 5 pm. All extra curricular (dance, computers) take place in Shikshantar on Saturdays.

Renu is proud to say that Koseli is the only free school in Kathmandu with such high standards. As Renu says: “If one doesn’t know then it can easily pass off for a regular school”.

I am thrilled to work with these kids – and I wonder what I will learn from them.

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