Our Mission

Educating kids & teenagers about how to use computers and cameras to educate themselves
and be a contribution for their families and communities.

Trip to Nepal, 24 Sept – 08 Oct 2010

This is the first trip inside of the initiative ‘Computers & Cameras for Kids’.

Last year Renu Bagaria and Maggie Doyne attended the European Summit, a conference for social entrepreneurs in the Netherlands which I (Stefan Heinz) co-organized.

Maggie presented the KOPILA VALLEY CHILDREN’S HOME in Surkhet, Nepal, the home she built just a few years ago starting with nothing but her life savings of 5,000 USD. She now is 28 years old and raises about 30 kids (and counting). Just a few months ago the doors to her newly built school where opened for 200 kids, some of which are the first in their families to ever go to a school.

Renu runs a school in Kathmandu, Nepal. During the day she teaches kids who’s parents pay the full tuition, in the afternoon the school openes for kids who’s parents cannot afford the tuition.

During my time in Nepal I will be teaching kids from Renu’s school in Kathmandu during the first week and then go to Surkhet to teach kids from the Kopila Valley Children’s home and the school.

Pictures will be posted in the gallery here on the site.

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