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What ‘Doing Something’ Looks Like

DSC_1954Yesterday was a travel day from Kathmandu to Surkhet my second stop on this trip. After a beautiful flight along the Himalayan Skyline I found myself in Nepalese traffic and on a ride through the mountains that usually takes about 3 hours – my driver made it in 2.5, don’t ask how . Along the way I saw a Jeopard escaping the bad smell of the cars and a Deer doing the same.

The warm welcome by Maggie, the staff of the Kopila Valley Children’s Home and the kids was wonderful and followed by a great first day here at the school. We started with a first 1 hour Photography session for class 6 which was followed by an exam for all classes – not everyone was looking forward to it, but everyone was engaged in the end anyway.DSC_2014

DSC_2035To keep maintenance low and the classrooms as clean as possible, shoes are left outside. After the entire school had gotten involved in a photo shooting with a photographer from New York (check out Maggie’s blog for more news later this month), everyone had a lunch that completed the school day – except for class 6 who got their first dose of Internet training with me.

In 2009 Maggie had received the Do Something award and seeing all that has been created here in Surkhet by her and all the people working with her is truly amazing. Even though I knew Maggie’s story already, hearing all the details about how the 200 children where selected, the thinking behind the way the house was constructed, and then experiencing the power cuts and some other minor constraints, had me appreciate the accomplishment even more. Kudos Maggie.

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