Our Mission

Educating kids & teenagers about how to use computers and cameras to educate themselves
and be a contribution for their families and communities.

What We Do

Our work can be seen as a 3-step process:

Step 1:

We collect computers and cameras from donors and sponsors (for details please see Donate & Sponsor).

Step 2:

We then take the computers and cameras to places where kids and teens with potential (i.e., pretty much anywhere on the planet) generally have a supportive environment, but are missing equipment and training to understand how they can benefit from the technology and infrastructure available today. We work through institutions (schools, homes, etc.) we either know personally or who have been referred to us by people we trust or who have a good reputation.

What do we mean by ‘generally supportive environment’:

  • Internet access is available in the country and in the area, but the kids don’t have access to it for whatever reason (mostly no computers).
  • There are schools or similar institutions. The kids may not be in the school (e.g., they may not be able to pay the tuition), but they generally would have access.

Step 3:

We work on site with kids in those schools, homes or other institutions which we have been in contact with. We do a 3-5 day curriculum which is adjusted to the kids’ environment and interests. So it’s a mix of prepared topics we cover in any case with topics we make up on the spot as we get to know the kids.

The goal for each location is that after those 3-5 days each kid has a basic understanding of the technology which allows them to build on, i.e., with this basic experience they can learn from each other, tap into new areas of knowledge themselves, etc. This includes that they have fun with the computers as well as with the cameras and have an idea of how photos can support what they want to tell the world.